Dealing With Anabolic Steroids Addiction

Although anabolic steroids may not have the same effect as the use of marijuana or cocaine, prolonged use or abuse may result in the addiction to the steroids. Many people who face addiction may not accept this soon enough resulting in an aggravated situation.

Some of the common withdrawal signs of addiction to anabolic steroids for sale UK include a highly decreased sex drive, constant fatigue, mood swings even among men, insomnia, disruption in sleep pattern or other sleep problems, decreased appetite, restlessness and cravings for the steroids you had been using. In some cases, the addicts experience depression. The intensity of the depression may vary and some of the depressed individuals may be suicidal. This makes it important to have the addict closely monitored to avoid harming themselves. An addict is likely to experience majority of these symptoms but not necessarily all of them.


The first step towards recovery is accepting the situation. The person struggling with the addiction to anabolic steroids must then make a decision to fight it off. Otherwise, all efforts and work towards this may not result in the desired results.

Support System

Legal Anabolic Steroids For SaleThe person should then inform close family members and relatives of his addiction and the desire and decision to quit and get better. The family members and friends will be the greatest asset the person has since they will offer advice, financial help, and emotional support and sometimes they may even offer accommodation and food to help in the elimination of this vice. If the individual’s close friends are also addicted to steroids, the individual should avoid their company as they may lead to a relapse or they may make the individual doubt his or her own decision.

Rehabilitation Centre

Checking in to a rehabilitation centre would be the best choice. Here you will not only get support and advice from fellow addicts on how to cope with the situation but you will also have access to a number of professionals to help you fight the habit off. You are also more likely to avoid relapse given that you will not have access to while in the centre.

The amount of time spent in rehab will depend on your level of addiction and your willingness to kick out the horrible habit. Beside, you will also get a chance to reflect on your life, come up with goals and objectives and in some cases, you will get the chance to learn a new skills while still recovering.

The cost of rehabilitation is likely to be high but it is a worthwhile investment. If you do not have the funds, you may request financial help from close friends and relatives. In addition, you may check in to a subsidised government facility that is more likely to be cheaper. However, ensure that you check in to a facility in which you are confident of its ability to assist you in getting better.

Addiction to anabolic steroids does not signify the end of life. People recover and lead normal lives. Therefore, if anyone in the family is addicted to anabolic steroids, get them the much needed help and they will be able to resume normal life within a short time.